Jodi Picoult and the Myth of the Segregated Marketplace

David Gaughran

Jodi Picoult made headlines last week for her views on self-publishing, expressed in an interview with the Daily Beast (from Page 2):

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Take a workshop course. You need to learn to give and get criticism and to write on demand. And DO NOT SELF PUBLISH.

Unfortunately, Jodi Picoult wasn’t pressed by the interviewer and didn’t elaborate (it would have been amusing if she had done so IN ALL CAPS).

The (outdated) blanket warning to avoid self-publishing generated a lot of reaction in the comments of that piece and anywhere else it was reprinted. I won’t rehash all that, only to note that, by contrast, Ms. Picoult thinks it’s a fine idea to sign with an agent who has no clients and zero experience.

Jodi Picoult got an opportunity to explain her position in a little more detail to the Huffington Post

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What’s the Rush?

I used to be like you; rushing through life trying to find a relationship. But I’m not that girl anymore. I’m at the point in life where I need to put me first, including my goals and my timeline. Brain injuries take a long time to recover from and I’ve come to terms with that (I wasn’t always so accepting).
Along with being the best patient I can be I also need to be the best student I can be (I’ll probably be in school until I’m in my 40s lol it is what it is though) I’ve got goals that I need to accomplish and if I meet someone who wants to help me accomplish them- cool, if not- that’s cool too.

Time Management

I’ve heard time and time again that I need to focus more on the task at hand, whatever I’m doing; just do it and get the job done.
Today at therapy with Mandi we were walking outside on the grassy hills in front of the Level 11 parking lot with a cane when a lady was walking her puppy. Although I was on an uneven surface and didn’t have my balance I still exclaimed, “Mandi, look a puppy!” As a result  my trunk fell forward and I hinged at my hips, Mandi had my gate belt and queued me to engage in my core, butt, and shoulders; like magic, I sprang up tall. We continued on our walk and a while later I had the same reaction, I don’t even remember what distracted me this time.
Again Mandi was on the gate belt and queuing me but once I stood tall and balanced, she got in front of me and said that this is why I’m not allowed to use my loft strands or a cane at home. I let things distract me to the point where I lose my balance. In order to move on I’ve got to focus.

Once I got home from therapy I listened to part of the podcast, The Charged Life:  Simplifying Time Management. It said that every morning before you do anything productive you should write down 3 things that you would like to accomplish that day and do it. This sounds doable, wish me luck!


Do you know “the other”?


By Caitlin Kelly

IMG_20150909_121335101_HDRThe level of poverty in the U.S. is deeply shocking — given the astonishing wealth here

It’s been a week of horror, shock, dismay.

It’s been a week of disbelief that American police officers are gunned down in cold blood in Dallas during a peaceful march — and disbelief that even more black men have been shot and killed by police as well.

In Dallas, local residents are approaching police officers, many likely for the first time, to hug them and pray with them and thank them for getting up every day, ideally, to serve and protect them.

In normal life, barring bad luck or criminal behavior, very few of us ever talk to a police officer.

Few of us are likely  to know one socially unless police work, as it is often is, is part of your own family.

As a career journalist, for whom aggressively…

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Catching up

While I’m at it, let me share with you a few photos and words of encouragement I’ve found…

First up are photos of my favorite student! This was when I was initiating him into Level 11 official OT duty…

His name’s Connor, but we call him Connie (& by that I mean I call him Connie), doesn’t the periwinkle go with his skin tone?

“Setbacks let you show people what you’re really made of. Struggle helps you find your strength.”
~Demi Payne Olympic Hopeful 2016

demi payne

I read that quote in my Glamour magazine and have it written on the note card   I have hanging near my desk…

Here’s my story:

First of all let me back up, a blog I follow encouraged us to share our stories in relation to God. I’ve never been a churchgoing girl nor does my family go to church every Sunday. As a young girl, age 3 I started going to Granny’s. She was the one to teach me about God (I briefly remember my grandma and papa Barber taking me to church occasionally). As I got more acquainted with Granny, I began spending the night and attending church with her sometimes. Now I could get into the real nitty-gritty and tell you all about it but I’m just going to tell you about finding Him. This isn’t a transcendental experience nor did I ‘see the light.’
Flash forward to when I was 16 with a car and a license on July 25, 2008 I got into my car, drove to get some ice cream, and continued to my friends house. I woke up months later in a rehab hospital only to find out about my car accident, how I almost died, how people had prayed for my life and how everyone was still praying for me.
Eventually I found out that I pulled away from a stop sign and directly in front of a truck, the truck pushed me into a 3rd vehicle. (I was driving a Buick, the truck a Dodge Ram) I was taken to Genesis hospital, that hospital wasn’t equipped with a pediatric brain injury unit but I was too critical to be transferred to a larger hospital. Long story short, a bunch of tests were run, my parents were in the dark as to my specific condition and were told I was going to die.
When the morning came, I was still alive. I’m getting too specific again!
Now I’m almost 8 years out from my accident and still making significant progress. I’m able to withstand tons of therapy and am blessed to work with an awesome facility (Level 11) where everyone believes in me, even when I can’t believe in myself. A lot of different factors of my recovery have just fallen into place and greatly benefited me. I owe a lot of thanks to several people but I owe the most to  God.
I’m not affiliated with any church, I’m just a girl and her Bible so bear with me.

“In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness” (John 1:4-5).
I believe He saved my life so that I could share my story and spread the light.