I used to be embarrassed by them; the one on my forehead especially, not so much the one on my neck (where I had a benign cyst removed in first grade). Eventually I kind of forgot about them. They became parts of me, forever there. After my accident, when I returned home with dreams of […]

Designated Talker

That’s what I am. Well it’s what I’ve always been, I’m just now getting this as a title. Let me explain, the first Sunday in June my aunt and uncle got married and I was asked to say a prayer at the reception before we ate. It was actually pretty easy to come up with what to […]

Out with a Bang!

Today was my last day of skiing with Michigan Adaptive Sports (MAS)!!! It was awesome, great, amazing, wonderful!! I learned so much, laughed so hard, made amazing friends and memories! After my brain injury I thought that learning certain things would be out of the question for me until I was ‘better,’ meaning exactly how […]