What’s the Rush?

I used to be like you; rushing through life trying to find a relationship. But I’m not that girl anymore. I’m at the point in life where I need to put me first, including my goals and my timeline. Brain injuries take a long time to recover from and I’ve come to terms with that […]

Catching up

While I’m at it, let me share with you a few photos and words of encouragement I’ve found… First up are photos of my favorite student! This was when I was initiating him into Level 11 official OT duty… His name’s Connor, but we call him Connie (& by that I mean I call him Connie), […]

How to Be Single

Well I thoroughly underestimated that… The movie that is, it wasn’t perfect but it was good! High-five Hollywood for actually putting female lead characters in a position where they love having sex, and were masters of the hookup culture! It isn’t what I want for my life but hey, more power to them. I think […]


I used to be embarrassed by them; the one on my forehead especially, not so much the one on my neck (where I had a benign cyst removed in first grade). Eventually I kind of forgot about them. They became parts of me, forever there. After my accident, when I returned home with dreams of […]