Today, Springing

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Today, Springing ©April 18th, 2017 By Vijaya Sundaram Dogs a-tumbling down the hill Grubbling on the grass Tailashing away in sun-cold Spring. The air, awash in hound-cry, Barkling and squeawhimpers, Blue-ens and trembles Like a live thing, ready to tackle The season hovering like a Butterfly, unsure and zigzaggering Above a…

What’s the Rush?

I used to be like you; rushing through life trying to find a relationship. But I’m not that girl anymore. I’m at the point in life where I need to put me first, including my goals and my timeline. Brain injuries take a long time to recover from and I’ve come to terms with that […]

Time Management

I’ve heard time and time again that I need to focus more on the task at hand, whatever I’m doing; just do it and get the job done. Today at therapy with Mandi we were walking outside on the grassy hills in front of the Level 11 parking lot with a cane when a lady […]


Originally posted on StrangeLander2015:
Crisis-Planet ©July 27th, 2016 By Vijaya Sundaram Once, there was a planet. She was a beautiful jewel. With blue, green, white and brown Her birds sang everywhere, And bees and butterflies Flew from flower to flower, And fruits grew in profusion There were animals that roamed And fish that swam, each…