Coming Off a Great Week 6/3-6/10

It was an awesome week; I accomplished goals, crossed things off my bucket list, and made memories that will last a lifetime!!

On June 3 I ran my first 2K!!
All 1.24 miles! Two years ago I did the last mile of the race but needed a police escort in order to finish (because it took me longer to finish the last mile than they had the roads blocked off to traffic). I was completely wiped out, I could barely stay awake as I sat at our kitchen table eating a cheeseburger from McDonald’s before I went to bed, sleeping for two hours. This year I finished in time and wasn’t even last when I did! The whole way I could feel the power of God coursing through my veins. It was awesome especially as the beginning of one of my favorite verses pulsed through my mind.
She is clothed with strength and dignity

Another goal I met was Tuesday in speech. I’ve been working to get my spontaneous speech faster and in doing so I must read a certain length story/article out loud in a specified time. Were also trying to add inflection when I do this so that my voice isn’t as forced. The norm for reading is 2.5 words per second and I scored 2.45 words per second with inflection!

Then Wednesday I finally got to clean a toilet! (Well the two at Level 11) That’s been my goal for a while, I eventually want to move out and I think I should know how to do that chore. I mean I’ve seen people do it, it looked easy enough but I just have never done that, until now!

That brings me to Thursday, getting my tattoo! I really wasn’t nervous for it until we were there and even then I wasn’t as anxious as you’d expect. I got the tattoo as a symbol; I’ve had brain surgery (okay this is a technicality, I only had a screw drilled into my brain to gauge the pressure after my accident), I’ve gotten Botox on numerous occasions (Have you seen those needles? Each Botox appointment I got nine of those suckers poked into me to release the helpful poison), had my feeding tube removed (She just yanked it out, my doctor just yanked it out! Lol that’s how they’ re removed but still, it was very unexpected), those are just a few of the painful moments you endure as a brain injury patient. It was finally my turn, I wanted to inflict the pain on myself to get the ‘scar’ I’ve talked about for years. The end result is a beautiful ankle bracelet that says, ‘Everything happens for a reason 7-25’. I paid homage to the date of my accident, arguably the best day of my life so far.


After accomplishing all this,
I feel like I can do anything!!


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