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©July 27th, 2016
By Vijaya Sundaram

Once, there was a planet.
She was a beautiful jewel.
With blue, green, white and brown
Her birds sang everywhere,
And bees and butterflies
Flew from flower to flower,
And fruits grew in profusion
There were animals that roamed
And fish that swam, each
Eating and eaten in turn,
But always in balance, in harmony,
While the winds swirled, and the rains fell,
And the earth gave of herself
In an ecstasy of abundance.

And then, the Makers of tools came,
And created things, beautiful to behold.
And the Makers needed more
To make more, and they took more.
And they planted and dug and grew
Things to make more of themselves.
And as they took, they broke the rules
Of nature and of regeneration,
And dug and mined and broke and built.
And they added debris and dust,
And waste and wretchedness…

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