How to Be Single

Well I thoroughly underestimated that…

The movie that is, it wasn’t perfect but it was good! High-five Hollywood for actually putting female lead characters in a position where they love having sex, and were masters of the hookup culture!

It isn’t what I want for my life but hey, more power to them. I think that this movie should definitely be required watching for females in their 20s even their 30s. Seriously turning 24 and not being where I expected to be recovery wise, and single kind of sucked but once I confided in a good friend about my fear/disappointment he reassured me, saying that he knew plenty of people older than me who still didn’t have their crap figured out.

That’s really what this movie is about, letting you know that ‘Hey it’s okay to be wherever you’re at right now in life.’ Okay I’m not gonna give you any spoilers so I’m just gonna end this post now.


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