French Kiss

Everyone was dressed to the nines. We were on the dance floor. Overwhelmed with passion, I took a step closer to him and we kissed. Just a peck; we pulled away, sheepish smiles on our faces.

I didn’t even look around, self-conscious. The only one on my mind was him. The way he tilted his head, giving me a come hither look. The room around us got hazy, the music faded, as I lost all inhibition. Like a magnetic force between us our faces collided; a clang of teeth, embarrassed laughter, his grandma turning to us saying, “I saw that!” Our laughing grew louder.

Soon after we tried it again, this time we really did it, kissed. The song finished and we walked back to our table lovesick smiles still intact, holding our heads a little higher than before. We were officially a part of the exclusive club.


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