2015, year in review

Well it’s not the end of the year yet but I still wanted to give you a glimpse of my 2015. So here it goes:

You know how I said I like putting nail polish on boys? Well I still enjoy that.

The word that I chose for 2015: GOAL really resonated throughout the year and I accomplished many things.

Including: walking with the loft strand crutches


(obviously pictured above is not me)

Raising over $3,000 for the Brain Injury Association of Michigan in the first Bowling for Brain Injury fundraiser in the state of Michigan!

I did a 1 mile of my first color run!

This year I worked with Bioness units for my legs and my hands.

bioness leg unit

Pictured above is a leg unit. #3 is the foot sensor, it hooks to my shoe and goes under my heel so that with each step (each heel strike) it knows where to send the impulses. #1 attaches around my leg below my knee. #2 attaches to the front of my left thigh getting my quads, and the unit that goes on my right leg attaches to the back of my thigh so it stimulates my hamstring. Number 4 is the controller and controls the electric impulses sent to each part of the unit. Working together these gizmos improve my walking!

hand unit hand to unit

Pictured above is a Bioness hand unit. You put #1 on your arm It wraps around your hand and around your forearm. #2 is again the controller, it sends electric impulses so it stimulates a open and close motion to your hand. We found that this greatly reduces my ataxia!

We moved:

new house

We hosted two Christmas parties!

The Barbersfamily



and the Verniers


I’m excited to see you what 2016 has in store for me!


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