The times they are a-changing

And not just because Bob Dylan says so, I can feel it. Things with my body are just clicking; the times sure are a-changing!

Different exercises today were just so much easier! I am very proud of myself that I did a full yoga circuit; granted today wasn’t the first time this was done. I was just way better this time.

We were on the red floormat, and I was laying on my stomach. From there I did a push-up, extending my arms into a full plank. Next I pushed my butt into the air and extended my back so I was in the yoga position downward dog. From there I lowered myself back into a plank; and brought my thigh out, perpendicular to my body, so I was able to place my right foot under my right armpit. Jenna had me do a few on my right side and a few with my left. Granted the right side went much smoother. I was very pleased with my performance, but was even more so after Jenna reminded me that when she started working with me, I couldn’t even do a push-up!

Before we did the yoga circuit, Jenna had me on the total gym. total_gym Where I did a lower-ab workout that I greatly increased the number of reps I did. Before that I was able to do multiple pikes on the TRX and kicked a soccer ball through a maze out in front of Level 11!


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