Designated Talker

That’s what I am. Well it’s what I’ve always been, I’m just now getting this as a title. Let me explain, the first Sunday in June my aunt and uncle got married and I was asked to say a prayer at the reception before we ate. It was actually pretty easy to come up with what to say, I didn’t even rely on Google! Except I didn’t know how to start out at all, Dearly Beloved? But I’m not a minister, I was just really confused! So I thought longer about it and decided to ask everyone to please join hands and bow their heads so we could give thanks. And then everything else just flowed from my heart! I know that it’s cliché to say that, but honestly that’s how it happened. Well after I said my prayer and everyone prepared to eat, people kept coming up to me and telling me what a good job I did. Haha the best man asked me if I was the designated prayer person, I hope that meant I did a very good job cause that’s how I took it! After he said that I was politely giggling (again, I hope) and my mom, the day saver (she always knows what to say) joked, Nope, she’s the designated talker!

So there you have it, that’s when I am: The Designated Talker!


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