Rainbow Run

The race was last month, the weekend after my fundraiser and it celebrated diversity. I never posted about it and I think today is fitting to do just that. The race was a 2K (1.6 miles) color run, what makes it this would be the color stations spread throughout the race route. The color stations each had a designated color of colored cornstarch that volunteers threw at you or you could throw them at each other, you wear a white shirt in the race so that after it you can soak the shirt in vinegar, iron and wash it then the color sticks! I’ve been training for this event since before Christmas and all of the hard work paid off! We started after the first color station and the race was just awesome, all of it. Haha I even got a police escort! The good kind, because the roads were only closed down for an hour police officers blocked the intersections for me.

Haha the best part of the whole race had to be when I got to the last turn before the finish line, I was so tired I almost cried because I thought we had more to go! I didn’t realize that if I just turned there was the finish!

almost there

Overall it was a great race! My two favorite therapists (Jenna & Mandi), my aunt, uncle, cousin, and dad all did the run with me!

hazy     we are family

In the car my dad noticed a huge black cloud overhead and said he’d take me home before the storm hit and then go to get me food. So when we got there my mom and sister of course were asking me about the run and my dad asked me what I wanted from McDonald’s(a cheeseburger and a Coke). I used all the energy I could muster to sit on a kitchen chair, after food got there I ate the cheeseburger and walked into my room where I laid facedown on my pillow. An hour later I will woke up, feeling hungover!


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