Out with a Bang!




Today was my last day of skiing with Michigan Adaptive Sports (MAS)!!! It was awesome, great, amazing, wonderful!! I learned so much, laughed so hard, made amazing friends and memories! After my brain injury I thought that learning certain things would be out of the question for me until I was ‘better,’ meaning exactly how I was before 7/25/2008.
Well weeks turned into months, months into years, until now I’m 6 1/2 years out from my car accident,
I’m not ‘better’ but I still went skiing. I felt infinite and unstoppable!! Altogether I went skiing 4 times; and in those 4 sessions I rode the magic carpet and went down both sides of the learning hill an innumerable amount of times and I rode the chairlift a bunch of times!! Today went way better! I only fell once! (Haha as opposed to the million hard times I fell last time)
The first 2 times I went, I used a walker on skis. Well with the walker my posture was less then desired so they found this thing for me. It was on two skis, was taller, had a place where I could lay my fore arms and was easier to steer! So finally someone rigged a ski pole to each side of the apparatus so that Don and Mandi or Mike could ski down and help me steer! It was surreal actually going down the hill and not falling, even as I changed direction multiple times in a giant serpentine pattern! Mander said I controlled the speed today and that I was standing a lot better!
So there you have it my amazing times with MAS!! Only a few short months until the summer lessons!!


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