That’s the word that best describes my brain at the moment. Seriously, I’ve been switching gears so fast I have whiplash! Lol I’ve been working on setting up a blog that allows my writing friends to share their work, and get & give critiques anonymously. Yeah its still a work in process. Then I’m working on clearing my desk which involves reading magazines. So while my brain’s absorbing countless amounts of fashion advice then reading articles about Michigan’s history, my phone buzzes notifying me my neighbor just tagged me in a picture. I look, it’s one of my sister with their bird on her head! I should do my leg, ankle, voice exercises or do some core work. In my reading I liked some lessons that I read, I could twist them into lessons for the therapy blog I write for… And that’s not even half of it; I type to slow to cover all of my thoughts and conversations I’m having. Okay, writing this sure helped. I just have to pick one task and concentrate only on doing that… Wish me luck!


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