Soaking up the sun…

Don’t you love it when you listen to the radio on the ride home for the day and you hear songs that take you back to a certain time or stir up special memories?

We caught Sheryl Crowe’s catchy upbeat melody right from the start:

My friend the communist
Holds meetings in his RV
I can’t afford his gas
So I’m stuck here watching TV
I don’t have digital
I don’t have diddly squat
It’s not having what you want
It’s wanting what you’ve got

Of course I instantly belted out the words in my tone-deaf way. That song always takes me back, like a time-machine, to the backseat of Laura Martin’s light gray Honda. I was on the right, Jessica in the middle, and Lexi behind the driver. Kacie got the front passenger seat while Mrs. Martin drove us. The year was 2005, we were in sixth grade; back before we had cool cell phones, texting, kindles, and iPods. Life, for the most part, was relatively simple.

We were taking a trip, with two other car loads of girls, to the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. The excitement was almost palpable, we were so giddy. To make the car ride go by faster I slid on a pair of simple headphones (no ear buds here!) and popped Sheryl Crowe’s CD C’mon C’mon into my portable CD player. I only liked one song on the entire disc, it was my ultimate summer anthem, it was the 2002 hit single Soak Up the Sun!

I put the CD in the personal disc player with that song on repeat mode and sunk down into my seat. I mouthed the words along with that tune over and over as it played. Once the song crescendoed to the final round of the chorus I was really getting into it. With my eye closed, I seemingly lip synched the words:

I’m gonna soak up the sun!

Whoops, did I say that out loud? I wondered as I opened my eyes. My answer was pretty obvious as my eyes first met Ms. Martin’s in the rearview mirror, next my gaze went to the motion of Kacie turning around and using her leg to pop herself up in order to look at me over the head of her seat. Next I turned to my left to see Jessica bringing a glazed donut hole to her mouth frozen part way, her mouth hanging with disbelief. Almost instantly the carful erupted with laughter. That song will never be the same.


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