Open mouth insert foot

I’ve run into that issue a lot. Usually it’s funny and we chuckle. But since my accident I’ve run headfirst into similar situations that are no laughing matter. At first I told Ryan to many details before asking him a question; Lenard cleared stuff up and advised me to skip the details next time and just ask to get my curiosity fulfilled or better yet ask him. Then I used to disclose personal information to my male PTs, Jonathan and Lenny, luckily Amy nipped that in the bud and opened the door for conversation. In the midst of all that, and with my head still in the gutter, I’d ask certain details or questions, more often then not from Trevor who was barely even an acquaintance at the time!

While ^that occurred, I had more stuff going on… Time elapsed and months later, I find myself still curious. So what do I do? I start a text msg convo with Trevor, the one guy who specifically said that he’d rather get emails because they’re free… Well beings he kept the conversation going I figured he didn’t mind so I kept asking things, even rude and inappropriate things. I guess I validated the ruder conversation choice because I would forewarn him before asking the obnoxiously intrusive questions. I guess I blew it already.


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