The other side of me

There is a side of me that I rarely let people see. For about five years now I’ve been showing my pain-in-the-butt true colors to my parents. (Well I’ve been doing it my whole life, but especially these last five years). These two people have done acrobatic moves to accommodate me, and they’ve bent over backwards to cater to my every whim. I need to post this because I hope that by getting this out I can be committed to changing my behaviors. I’ll be more receptive to criticism and have more patience with those around me. The reason I need to let others see this is because I’ve already done this. Wrote about my attitude and actions I wanted to change. That was good, it was one of my many ‘drafts’ saved in a folder on my desktop; but it didn’t stick. I’m holding out that Facebook validation will force me to practice what I preach.



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